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Braised SWALLOW NEST with papaya in coconut milk

Braised SWALLOW NEST with papaya in coconut milk

  • Add cubed papaya into 4 medium-sized bowls, about 1/2 cup papaya per bowl. Divide bird nest into 4 portions and add into the bowls on top of the papaya. Add filtered water to cover. Place a small plate on top of each bowl as a cover.

Transfer the bowls into a big skillet and add water until it reaches halfway up the bowls.

Cover the skillet and cook over medium high heat, until water reaches a boil and steam comes from the skillet. Turn to medium heat and let braise for 40 minutes.

Once the SWALLOW NEST are cooked, transfer the small bowls onto the kitchen counter with your oven mitts on.

Once completely cooled, transfer the SWALLOW NEST  into serving bowls and discard the papaya and the liquid. Add coconut milk into bird nest and sweeten with syrup according to your taste. Serve at room temperature as a dessert.